About Me

Well - put simply I'm a Web Developer / Solution Designer who specialises in Marketing Solutions, but I think to understand me you need to know my story.

My Story

In 2008 I was hired by a firm called Monitor Media to build emails for a raft of blue chip clients. I saw this as an in. I was under no illusion that I wanted to spend my life building email, I did not. So, when quiet, I looked to find an opportunity. I looked to prove my skills in things other than building email.

This opportunity came in the form of ERIC and EMMA. These were essentially campaign management and reporting sites. They helped in allowing us to reduce costs to the client by approx 20% over five years, whilst still maintaining a healthy profit margin and enabling us to improve our service offering.

I worked closely with a friend of mine to design and build these and became the source of all knowledge on them. This work didn't just involve coding, but also working with the team using them to fix issues and figure out what else I could do to make their lives easier.

This was the start of my career.

After this and the with acquisition of Monitor Media by CACI, I worked on various web projects, including CACI's Acorn Microsite. After a couple of years of working on all sorts of microsites and various integration projects I got offered the opportunity to build an email editing interface on Adobe Campaign for Chelsea Football club.

Here, once again, I saw an opportunity to prove myself. I had previously been overlooked for another similar project for a client on Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Exact Target as it was then) and had ended up picking up the pieces of this project to make it work. I didn't want that to happen again. I was determined to see this succeed.

This drive lead to me creating an interface that CFC were very happy with and CACI wanted to see if they could roll out to other clients. There was one big problem though - they weren't necessarily on Adobe Campaign.

With this I began to drive the project so it was a hosted service, something off platform, so we wouldn't have to keep rebuilding it. From this came CACI's Email Studio.

Although I have now departed from CACI, all this has lead me to where I am now - a knowledgeable solutions developer with great experience in designing and building marketing solutions that make a difference to the company I work for and it's clients.

My passion and drive for constant improvement have never waned throughout this time, so as I look forward to the next chapter in my career, I thought it would be great to share some of this knowledge and get other people's feedback on my thoughts, in the hope that through conversation and dialogue we can all move forward and make solutions that are better for everyone.